Davis Life Concepts for Autism:

A pathway to full participation in life

life-concepts-autismA workshop specifically created for parents, caregivers & support persons of those with ASD and individuals on the autism spectrum who are looking for a self-development program.

Description: An introductory course to the Davis Autism Approach®

Aim: To provide the opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge and skills to actively support a person with autism working through the Davis Autism Approach® Program.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the workshop you will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding behind the rationale for the program and how it helps those with autism participate more fully in life.
  • Identify key life concepts and why they are best explored in a specific sequence.
  • Describe and reflect on the technique of Concept Mastery and gain experience on how to guide another or self through this process.
  • Explore the mastery procedure with the first set of concepts described in the book, Autism and the Seeds of Change.
  • Gain experience of how to explore these concepts in the environment and the value of integrating them into everyday life.
  • Demonstrate the techniques needed to guide another through the use of the “Davis focusing tools”.
  • Create a plan of how to implement an individualised program for the person you are supporting or for yourself.

Who should attend: 

Parents, family members and support persons of an individual on the autism spectrum, adult autistic individuals who are looking for a self-development program, or anyone who is interested in helping a person with autism through the Davis Autism Approach®.


 Read the book Autism and the Seeds of Change – By Abigail Marshall and Ronald D. Davis


Course Length: 5 days – 30 hours

Note:  This course does not include certification or licensing for commercial use of the Davis trademarks; such use requires extensive additional training.

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