Davis Trainer The program of training leading to licensing as a Davis Facilitator requires a special application. Students may apply to the Facilitator Training Program after completing an Advanced Davis Methods Workshop and upon recommendation of a Davis Specialist.

Enrollment in the Advanced Davis Field Assignments and Advanced Supervised Practice Meeting is contingent on acceptance to the Facilitator Licensing training program.

a) Application Procedure:

Requirements are that you

  • Be a current member of your regional Davis Dyslexia Association.
  • Fill out the application form describing your educational and professional experience.
  • Write two brief essays explaining why you wish to become a Facilitator and how you intend to provide and promote Davis Dyslexia Correction® in a business setting after licensing.
  • Sign the Davis Dyslexia Association Standards of Practice Agreement and Character Attestation.
  • Acknowledge having carefully read the Facilitator Licensing Agreement.
  • Fill out and return a signed Application Self-Evaluation.
  • Attach the Specialist’s recommendation.
  • Send the above documents to your regional DDA (if none, then send to DDAI).

Upon receipt of the application, an interview may be requested to ensure your needs and expectations will be met by the Davis Facilitator Training Program.

b) Acceptance into the Davis Dyslexia Program Facilitator training program:

Once your application to join the training program is accepted you will receive notification from your local DDA of your acceptance, your supervisor assignment, and instructions for enrolling in your next step.

Note: Part of the Facilitator training program requires the trainee to receive a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program from another trainee. If a prospective trainee has any special needs or reservations about undergoing this part of the licensing training the local DDA Training Supervisor should be notified and an interview requested to discuss this.