Davis Facilitator Licensing Program

Regular Fee With  advance payment discounts
Gift of Dyslexia Workshop
includes 1-year DDAI Membership ($50 value) and materials ($150 value)
$1,175.00 $1,075.00

(60 day advance payment)

Basic Davis Field Assignments (includes Orientation Procedures DVD) $600.00 $1890.00
(10% discount package price)
Basic Practice Meeting $1,500.00
Advanced Workshop: includes Auditory Orientation CD ($70 value) $ 1,700.00 $1,550.00

(60 day advance payment)

Application Fee $ 150.00 $150.00
Advanced Field Assignments (includes Advanced Procedures & Math DVD) $ 690.00 $8,469.00
(10% discount package price)
Advanced Practice Meeting $1,980.00
Training Pod Week I $1,980.00
Training Pod Week II $1,980.00
Training Pod Week III $1,980.00
Final Field Assignments $ 800.00
Motivation & Responsibility Workshop $ 950.00 $950.00
Annual Licensing Fee $ 350.00 $350.00
Annual Professional Membership Dues
(may vary in other countries)
$ 480.00 $480.00
Total $16,195.00 $14,914.00
Annual Licensing Renewal Reading & Review Fee for two case reports $ 250.00  $250.00

Prices effective 3/1/2016. All fees are in US dollars and subject to change.

Workshop and course fees outside USA or sponsored by affiliates may vary.

Courses or workshops which may need to be repeated are offered with a 20% discount.  Advance discount payment does not grant priority or guarantee automatic enrollment in Practice Meetings and Pod Weeks; each must be enrolled in separately. Pod Week enrollments are subject to role availability.

NOTE: The average fee earned for a Davis program in the USA and Canada is $3000. The initial investment for the training costs, including travel expenses, can be earned with the provision of about 8-9 Davis Programs. How quickly that can occur following licensing and certification depends upon the business plan, marketing skills and prior professional background of the Facilitator.

Academic Credit  or CEU is available for most courses above for an additional fee. It is possible to earn the equivalent of a full academic year of graduate level University credit through completion of the full course sequence leading to licensing.