What is the Davis Facilitator Licensing Program?
The Davis Facilitator Licensing Program is a professional training program requiring approximately 240 hours of course work and 180 hours of field work. It culminates in a Licensing Agreement which qualifies and entitles a person to use the Davis trademarks to advertise and provide standard Davis® Programs for dyslexia, attention focus, maths, and for young learners.
What are the advantages and benefits of becoming trained and licensed as a Davis Facilitator?
Benefits of licensing include:

  • An annually renewable license granting the right to use internationally registered trademarks and service marks, and the Davis name, in advertising and promotional materials. These marks assure the public of the quality standards attained and maintained by the Facilitator. Licensing also protects the Facilitator from unlicensed competition and use of these marks by other businesses.
  •  Technical updates and consultations.
  • Referrals of clients from regional Davis Dyslexia Associations, as available.
  • Listing on the DDAI Facilitator Directory web site and in the DDAI’s print newsletter, The Dyslexic Reader.
  • Listing in regional DDA directories and newsletters, where available.
  • Materials, books and supplies at 20% or more discounts.
  • Access to a private, facilitators-only web site, document repository and knowledge base, together with access to private professional email discussion lists.
  • Exclusive right to purchase certain Davis Program materials such as Student Kits.
  • Professional fellowship and networking opportunities with other Davis Facilitators around the world, including access to professional development workshops and periodic DDAI and regional DDA sponsored symposiums.
Who can apply for the Facilitator Licensing Program?
Applicants must first successfully complete the Gift of Dyslexia (Fundamentals of Davis Dyslexia Correction) Workshop, Basic Field Assignments and Basic Supervised Practice Meeting; and receive a recommendation to apply from a Davis Specialist. Most applicants have had prior training, business or life experience in education, human services, social work, counseling or psychology.
What skills and qualities are required to be able to begin training as a Davis Facilitator?
Our training builds on a foundation of basic professional facilitation skills that should already be present from previous experience. These include:

  • Empathy and patience.
  • Good listening and observation skills.
  • Flexibility balanced with tenacity and persistence.
  • Willingness to learn, use, and adhere to the Davis methods as a self-sufficient body of principles and techniques distinct from other methods and approaches to addressing dyslexia and learning disabilities.
  • Strong written and oral language and math skills.
  • Business communication, administration and professional skills necessary for operating a private practice and representing the Davis trademarks.
  • Ability to maintain professional demeanor and boundaries.
  • Ability to provide professional presentations both in written and verbal forms.
What skills and knowledge will be gained during a the Facilitator Licensing Program?
During training, licensing candidates will gain the following:

  • Understanding of how dyslexics think, feel and react to confusion based on the Davis principles.
  • Ability to observe and assess what a particular dyslexic client needs.
  • Ability to use and adapt the full range of Davis techniques for addressing learning difficulties in the form of a standard 5-day program.
  • Knowledge and skill in helping clients who have difficulties with handwriting, math, dyspraxia, auditory disorientation, and Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Skill in helping clients master the use of the Davis methods to the point where they can become responsible for the correction of their own learning problems.
  • Support training skills for parents and tutors.
  • Methods for organizing the administration and materials for providing a Davis Program.
What criteria are used to determine completion of the Facilitator Licensing Program?
The criteria for completion of the licensing program include demonstrated proficiency in:

  • articulating and applying the fundamental reasoning and logic of the Davis strategies and principles.
  • interviewing and assessing potential clients.
  • providing 5-day Davis Programs.
  • providing follow-up support training to parents or tutors.
  • professional level business and communication skills for representing and administrating Davis Programs.
  • a clear understanding of and agreement with the Standards of Practice and Facilitator Licensing Agreement requirements.
  • all training must be completed within two years from having participated in the Gift of Dyslexia (Fundamentals) Workshop.