A Davis Facilitator has a professional understanding of Davis theories and methods, and is capable of structuring and providing standard Davis® correction programs for dyslexia, math mastery, and attention mastery.

Davis® is a registered trademark when used to describe educational services.  Use of the term Davis to describe services for for dyslexia or other learning needs offered in a commercial (fee-based) context requires licensing by DDAI.

DDAI has a firm commitment to ensuring that all licensed providers receive comprehensive training in a practical context, and can demonstrate their ability to successfully apply Davis methods.

Individuals may qualify for licensing as a Davis Facilitator by completing a combination of participatory workshops and practice meetings together with independent field assignments.

The course series as detailed below must be completed in sequence.  The first course is open to all interested adults. Completion of each course in the series is a prerequisite for enrollment in the next succeeding course, until completion of at least one Pod week.

Training has been available online since 2020, due to worldwide restrictions tied to Covid 19. The length of online workshops may be extended as needed to assure the quality of training in a video conference format.

University course credit or Continuing Education Units may be available in some regions.

Stage 1: Basic Course Series  (Open to All Adults)

Gift of Dyslexia Workshop (4 days)
Fundamentals of Dyslexia Correction: This 4-day (30 hour) workshop is an introduction to the basic theories, principles and application of all the procedures described in The Gift of Dyslexia. Training is done with a combination of lectures, demonstrations, group practice, and question and answer sessions. The workshop is open to all interested adults, but attendance is limited to ensure the highest quality of training.
Basic Davis Field Assignments (30 hours minimum)
This course is a set of assignments completed independently by the student, with opportunities to consult with a Davis Specialist. It is open to all individuals who have completed the introductory Gift of Dyslexia Workshop, and recommended for parents or educators who desire consultation during initial application of the Davis methods in their work or home setting. It provides a structure for at least 30 hours of field practice and up to 3 hours of consultation with a Davis Specialist.  Includes assignment list, forms, and evaluation based on student reports. This course must be completed prior to enrollment in an Basic Supervised Practice Meeting.
Basic Supervised Practice Meeting (4 days)
 This four-day training is open to students who have completed the Basic Davis Field Assignments. Its purpose is to refine counselor skills, and develop increased experiential understanding of dyslexic perception, thinking, learning style and process. It may be repeated to improve skills. It provides intensive supervised practice in small groups of the basic Davis Dyslexia Correction procedures. Group size is limited to 6 persons. Includes Specialist consultations and evaluations.
Advanced Davis Methods Workshop  (4 days)
Techniques for Math, Handwriting, Attention Difficulties, and Auditory Orientation:  This 4-day workshop is open to persons who have successfully completed the Basic Supervised Practice Meeting. It provides specialized training in advanced Davis procedures for addressing dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and problems with attention focus, time management, and impulsive behavior. Includes training in use of auditory orientation tools. 

Stage 2: Professional Training series.

(Enrollment Limited to applicants for Facilitator Licensing)
Advanced Davis Field Assignments (30 hours minimum)
This course provides a structure for field practice of the methods taught in the Advanced Davis Methods Workshop. Includes up to 3 hours of Specialist consultation, assignment list, forms, and evaluation based on student reports.
Advanced Supervised Practice Meeting (5 days)
This five-day course provides intensive supervision leading to mastery of the core Davis procedures; and further instruction in the logic, reasoning, and strategies underlying the Davis methods, and the administration of Davis Programs. This course may be repeated for those needing additional practice.
Three (3) Training Pod Weeks (5 days each)

This training ensures professional standards of quality for providing 5-day Davis programs are fully developed and understood. Students work in groups of 3 (pods) under the supervision of a Davis Specialist, in one of the following roles for a full week:

Providing a Davis ProgramReceiving a Davis ProgramObserving a Davis Program
The student assumes the role of a Davis facilitator, to provide a complete 5-Day Correction program to another pod participant. The program is observed by the Specialist and a student in the observer role.
The student assumes the role of the program client, receiving a complete 5-Day Correction program from another pod participant. The program is observed by the Specialist and a student in the observer role.
The student observes the course of the 5-Day Correction program being completed by the other two pod participants. The observer role include opportunities for active participation in sharing observations with the other participants and the Specialist.

The roles are not done in a specific order, but are assigned by the Specialist to assure that each student has an opportunity to participate in each role. Includes individual supervisor consultations, Client Kit in the “receive program” Pod Week, and handbook of forms required for providing Davis programs. Group discussions and short lectures led by a Specialist are held throughout the Pod Weeks. These further prepare a student for providing Davis programs in a professional, business setting.

The observing and providing roles may need to be repeated to improve skills.

Mastery of Motivation and Responsibility Workshop  (2 days)
 This experiential two-day course covers the basic principles and concepts which underlie the two most vital concepts for success as a Davis Facilitator.

Attendance at this workshop is optional prior to initial licensing as a Davis Facilitator. Attendance is required prior to first year license renewal. 

Final Licensing Field Assignments (120 hours minimum)
Providing 4 Davis Programs: At least four complete Davis Programs must be provided in the student’s own professional setting, independent of supervision. The client files of two (2) of these programs (which have full confidentiality and will be returned) and short reports of the other two cases are evaluated by a Davis Specialist.

These Assignments can begin upon Specialist recommendation after completing one Pod Week. At least two of these programs must be provided after all three Training Pod Weeks are completed. Phone consultation with a Specialist, as needed, is available by appointment. Submission of additional client files may be required.

Upon completion of this segment of training, with recommendation of the Specialist and necessary documentation, Certification and Licensing will be granted subject to annual renewal requirements specified in the Davis Facilitator Licensing Agreement.

Where to train?

The full course series leading to licensing is available in many countries and languages, through DDAI and its many affiliated training organizations.

To determine the best option for training based on your location and language, please refer to to the chart below:

AustraliaDDA PacificEnglish
Costa RicaDavis LatinoAmericaSpanish, English
DenmarkDavis LernverbandDDA-NederlandDanish, English
EstoniaDavis Learning – BalticRussian, English
FranceDavis LernverbandFrench, English
GermanyDavis LernverbandGerman, English
IndiaDavis Learning FoundationEnglish
ItalyDavis LernverbandItalian, English
MexicoDavis LatinoAmericaSpanish, English
NetherlandsDDA NederlandDutch, English
New ZealandDDA PacificEnglish
NorwayDavis LernverbandEnglish
PolandDavis Learning FoundationPolish, English
South AfricaDavis Learning FoundationEnglish
UK (England)Davis Learning FoundationEnglish, Russian
United StatesDDAIEnglish