• Davis® methods create empowered learners
  • Davis works when other programs don’t
  • Davis is a short term intervention that creates long term success
  • Davis is a strength-based approach
  • Davis is appropriate for learners of all ages
  • Davis is flexible and fun
  • Davis can fit within any language or educational system

Model provided by Lorraine Charbonneau, Dyslexia Ohio

Many of our trainees come to Davis because of personal experience.  Our workshops are filled with parents of children who made amazing strides with a Davis program;  teachers who were stunned at the sudden progress of students in their classroom; or adults who overcame their own dyslexia or other learning barriers through a Davis program.

Each shares the same motivation: to be able to guide others to enjoy the same success that they or those close to them have experienced.

Like each of our programs, our workshops are participatory and hands-on, providing an opportunity to experience the Davis tools as well as to see them in action and learn to use and apply them.