Fundamentals of Dyslexia Correction:

This 4-day (30 hour) professional workshop is an introduction to the basic theories, principles and application of all the procedures described in The Gift of Dyslexia. Training is done with a combination of lectures, demonstrations, group practice, and question and answer sessions. Attendance is limited to ensure the highest quality of training.

Training Group - South Africa

Participants will learn:

  • Proven methods for helping adults and children improve reading, spelling, motor coordination, and attention focus.
  • How and why the Davis methods were developed.
  • How dyslexics think and perceive.
  • How to assess for the “gift of dyslexia”.
  • How to eliminate confusions and mistakes in basic language symbols.
  • How to incorporate the Davis methods in a therapeutic or educational setting.

Who Should Enroll?  

Open to all interested adults. Recommended for parents, tutors and teachers, as well as individuals interested in pursuing licensing as a Davis Facilitator.

Academic Credit: (US & Canada Only): 3 quarter units undergraduate/graduate or CEU available.

Before you Start: 

The Gift of Dyslexia (2010)Students should read The Gift of Dyslexia by Ron Davis before starting the workshop.




Video Blog - Gift of Dyslexia Workshop

Video Blog - Gift of Dyslexia Workshop

Here's a chance to see the inside of a Davis Gift of Dyslexia workshop. Educator Subiratha Sivakumaran recently video-blogged her experiences as she attended her first Davis workshop at Malvern College in England. (December 2017)



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