Course Title Quarter Units Academic 7000-7699 Academic 7700-7999 CEU 8000-89999 CSU-EB Cost Admin Fee
Fundamentals of Dyslexia Correction Workshop 3 units TED 7614 TED 7996 EXSP 8065 $267 $45
Advanced Davis Methods Workshop 3 units TED 7094 TED 7791 EXSP 8311 $267 $45
Basic Field Assignments & Practice Meeting 5.5-6 units TED 7091
(5.5 units)
TED 7790
6 units
EXSP 8310
6 units
Advanced Field Assignments & Practice Meeting 6 units TED 7093 TED 7796 EXSP 8091 $534 $45
3 Pod Weeks and Final Field Assignments 21 units TED 7560 TED 7799 EXSP 8308 $1869 $45
  • 1.5 quarter units are equivalent to 1 semester unit.
  • Course Fees Effective 1/2013 (subject to change).
  • Note: Fees above are in addition to regular course fees charged by DDAI.

7000-7699 Units: These are upper division undergraduate, or post-baccalaureate level courses. Applicability toward any degree programs (e.g. graduate course work, programs at other universities) is subject to determination by that academic department or university. These units are most commonly used by teachers for units toward salary increment. They are also used for the California Clear Credential and some can be applied toward supplementary authorizations.

7700-7999 Units: These courses are graduate level courses; they cannot be applied to an undergraduate degree. The applicability for graduate credit is subject to the approval of the academic major department. Transfer to another University is subject to approval by the other university. Students need to submit a course description and check with their graduate program advisors to determine eligibility and transferability from CSU-EB.

8000-8999 Units: A CEU is a nationally recognized unit of measurement for any of a variety of noncredit programs which may apply toward relicensure, promotion, or career advancement. These units are not approved for academic degree credit but usually are applicable toward salary increment for teachers and other educators. These vary among school districts.

Students need to specify on the CSU-EB Enrollment Form whether they are enrolling in a TED course or an EXSP (CEU) course by circling one and crossing out the other two.